Join Canna World Expo’s 2-Day Business Empowerment Event and hear the latest industry news from experts focused on the infrastructure required to thrive in today’s environment.


9:00 AM PT – State of the Industry – Leslie Bockskor

9:30 AM PT – Market Analysis & Opportunities – Sara Gullickson

10:00 AM PT – Business Consulting – Brian Holler

10:30 AM PT – Private Investor Funding – Sumit Mehta

11:00 AM PT – Banking – Nathaniel Gurien

11:30 AM PT – Secure Transportation – Ari Raptis

12:00 PM PT – Brand Building – Lilach Mazor Power

12:30 PM PT – Sales Optimization – Darren Cecil

1:00 PM PT – Marketing & Brand Compliance – Shayda Torabi

1:30 PM PT – Sustainable Farming – Noah Fishman


9:00 AM PT – U.S. Patient Access Update – Debbie Churgai ASA

9:30 AM PT – Cannabis Certifications – Elisabeth Mack, RN MBA

10:00 AM PT – Eldercare & Nursing – Amy Chin

10:30 AM PT – Ceremonial Hemp – Uncle Goodknife

11:00 AM PT – Extraction – Daniel Hayden, PhD

11:30 AM PT – Emotional Liberation® Therapy – Becca Williams

12:00 PM PT – CBD Distribution Online Marketplace – Charles Vest

12:30 PM PT – Delta-8 THC – Nick Warrender

1:00 PM PT – COAs an Industry Standard – Shelby Stanley, Todd Denkin

1:30 PM PT – UK EU Pharmaceutical Update – Michael Sassano

2:00 PM PT – Acquisition Strategy and Expansion for MSOs – Frank Knuettel II

2:30 PM PT – Cooking with Cannabis – Chef Edible Dee


Open Forum Q&A and Interviews Moderated by: Awake. Healthy. Informed. The National Marijuana News  The Budding Report Concierge for Better Living


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Canna World Expo is a free global resource to interact with. This is a rapidly growing group of global industry leaders in microbiology, biochemistry, natural wellness, allopathic medicine, spiritual wellness, organic growers, nutrition, policy makers, legal guides, technologists, product & food formulators, Chefs, certifications programs, investors, banking, marketers, media, celebrities, product manufacturers, distribution, business experts, and more. CWE connects six continents and the Caribbean making strides to restore the reputation of and accessibility to one ancient healing botanical species’ innate power to improve the quality of life for all on the planet and the earth itself.

CWE, is a labor of love for the benefit of current and future generations. Our mission is protecting the truth and sharing wisdom of the ages with the public.

Since this work began in 2013, doors that were once closed are now wide open. This was done by revealing the truth based on facts. What we do with the truth is now up to us – all of us – as a unified industry.

Join Canna World Expo on April 10th and 17th for an all-star update on the cannabis industry’s momentum, initiatives, and growth.


The CWE Team