Now is the time for empowerment.
In January of 2020, we saw the introduction of a disruptive force that created an imbalance for all. This triggered fear that proliferated among the minds of the global population via the media. What we see, we tend to believe. For this reason, Canna World Expo assembled and launched to aid in the deciphering of untruths from half-truths and half-truths from the absolute truth.
Only with the truth can one assess for themselves what proofs in life exist. A proof is absolute. This discernment leads to the experience of applying knowledge. Applied knowledge is wisdom.
What is real? What is illusion?
Some experienced new expansive paths and explored life amid solitude.
Some experienced no forward progress remaining in seclusion.
Some experienced symptoms. Some were diagnosed with the novel condition. Some left the physical plane; to those who survive their souls, we send energy from our hearts. It takes a bold spirit to overcome grief of physical loss; take it straight from the heart of this writer who knows this truth.
There is a phenomenon occurring now. Some speaking at Canna World Expo in January experienced weeks of 24/7 contact with others diagnosed with this novel condition and had zero symptoms. Blood was tested for antibodies; none exist. What is the X-factor that makes some impervious?
On January 9th, Canna World Expo expands awareness of the spirit-heart-mind-body alignment to remove blocks preventing all from fully experiencing life as intended.
9:00 AM PT – CWE Opening Address Coffee Talk Featuring Celebrity Coffee Chef Bryan David Scott
9:30 AM PT – Dr. Joe Vitale – Clearing Subconscious Blocks to Prosperity & Miracles in Your Life
10:00 AM PT – Dr. Judy Mikovits – Demystifying Bacteria, Virus, and Prions
10:30 AM PT – Dr. Antoine Chevalier – No Antibodies, No Novel Condition; Researching Phenomenon
11:00 AM PT – Dr. Sunil Pai – Mammalian Endocannabinoid System, Optimizing Body Functions for Natural Immunity
11:30 AM PT – Dr. Ted Emanuel – Building Immunity Naturally, New Cancer Prevention & Recovery Center
12:00 PM PT – Dr. Golda Joseph – Psychosomatic Defense System
12:30 PM PT – David Warren Goodknife & Oletha Love – Healing Sacrament, Ancient Plant Wisdom
1:00 PM PT – GCNC – Global Network for Industry Evolution, International Policy Update
1:30 PM PT – Leslie Bocskor – U.S. Policy Update, Industry Outlook for 2021
2:00 PM PT – Open Forum Q&A
Interviews Moderated by: Awake. Healthy. Informed. & The Budding Report
Revealing and overcoming what blocks us in life – now that is BOLD.
Bold spirits are moving the ball up the field to cross the goal line for all to benefit.
Are you in?
Your invitation to this journey awaits:
Canna World Expo is a free global resource to interact with. This is a rapidly growing group of global industry leaders in microbiology, biochemistry, natural wellness, allopathic medicine, spiritual wellness, organic growers, nutrition, policy makers, legal guides, technologists, product & food formulators, Chefs, certifications programs, investors, marketers, media, celebrities, product manufacturers, distribution, business experts, and more. CWE connects six continents and the Caribbean making strides to restore the reputation of and accessibility to one ancient healing botanical species’ innate power to improve the quality of life for all on the planet and the earth itself.
CWE, is a labor of love for current and future generations. Our mission is protecting the truth and sharing wisdom of the ages with the public.
Since this work began in 2013, doors that were once closed are now wide open. This was done by revealing the truth. What we do with the truth is now up to us – all of us – as a unified life force.
Join Canna World Expo on January 9th. Uncover the truth. Boldly remove anything blocking your path. Experience the life you intend. Life is precious. Now is all we have.
Radiant blessings of light, love, truth, and wisdom in 2021.
For Life,
The CWE Team