Specialties: Finished Good product line • Contract Manufacturing for your hemp CBD business • Raw Materials Sourcing through our certified farm and extraction service in Colorado • Tincture • Vape • Topicals • Organic Edibles • Bulk Isolate • Bulk CBD Oil • Bulk CBD Paste 

Bloom Distribution LLC

True Seed-to-Sale USDA Certified Organic CBD Manufacturing, Bulk Providers of American-Grown Organic Hemp.

At Bloom, we aim to provide our customers with a product that they can trust, backed by true-traceability and 3rd-party lab results. Going beyond the norm, we strive to create transparency that gives you and your customers unparalleled peace of mind. Inspiring wellness through a combination of unique products focused on total health & vitality as well as consumer awareness through actionable information. Combining breakthrough science, earth-grown nutrients, and whole-plant synergies, we are dedicated to providing our customers with supplements, foods, and category-specific products that they can count on. Bloom is one of the first hemp companies in the world to be USDA certified organic. In an effort to provide our customers with a product that is natural and effective, we spent countless hours perfecting our process to ensure that our farm, processing, and manufacturing processes meet or exceed USDA certified organic standards. While some hemp companies claim to be organic, we can actually provide USDA organic certification! By working closely with the United States Department of Agriculture we were able to perfect an organic process that you can trace from seed to sale. In an effort to provide as much transparency as possible, our certifications are always available on our website.


Empowering our Community to Live Happier and Healthier Lives Through All Things Hemp

At Bloom, we didn’t want to do things the “standard” way, because “standard” isn’t good enough for us. After spending years searching for hemp oil we could trust and struggling to push innovation into the industry, we realized the only way we could guarantee the quality and efficacy we wanted was to do it ourselves and be involved in every single step of the process.

In 2019, we began experimenting with ways to create innovative products and a meticulous best practices formula. Thus, Bloom-Hemp was born. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Bloom-Hemp is an independently owned and operated Hemp and CBD supplier committed to building a community that wants to change the world. To do this, we believe in using hemp not only as an alternative medicine but as everything from a healthier food source to the fabric that makes up your clothes.

With environmental issues making “eco-friendly” more necessary as opposed to trendy, hemp offers a truly invaluable solution that we can’t afford to pass up. We aim to continuously expand our product line and make hemp the source of everything essential in your life.

The world is also waking up to the harmful side effects that come with using prescription drugs. Bloom Hemp offers a natural, alternative source of relief for whatever ails our customers.

At Bloom-Hemp, we go beyond offering one of the most trusted lines of CBD products in the industry. We provide our customers with the accurate information they need to better understand what they are putting into their bodies and the difference CBD oil can make on their physical and emotional health.