Life Purpose: Helping people see that they are much more powerful than they

Holding a professional background in media, education, business development, marketing, technology, and entertainment for many years prior to launching the Value Integrators agency, Brian Holler gained the wisdom required to navigate multiple industries. He advises business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors on how to manage their outreach, sales, customer service processes, marketing, advertising, and communication strategy in efficient and cost-effective ways.

An advisor, educator, and strategist who has a strong inclination towards motivating others and making a difference, Brian Holler oversees Value Integrators describing the agency as, “… an awesome collective of people. Together, we create and unlock incredible value for a wide range of industries.”

Value Integrators addresses the needs of the cannabis industry and understands the importance of outreach, sales, customer service, marketing, advertising, communication strategies, and of course, being cost and time-efficient. The strongest arsenal of tools in his Success Toolbox are Value Integrators’ key assets – the agency’s creative team of techies and think-tankers who analyze, build, and implement top-level solutions.