• 30 years business development experience.
  • Worked in 8 countries; in startups, federal and state governments and NGOs.
  • Medical cannabis author & educator.


Nishi Whiteley (pronounced Nee-sha), is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of CReDO.  She has twenty-five plus years of international business development experience in cannabis, agriculture, wellness, green energy, and food industries. She has had leadership roles on projects in corporate America and for the US Foreign Ag Service in over 10 countries, in startups, a state agency and non-profits; as well as worked for foreign governments and met with international leaders in Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic to open trade and advance development programs.  She has worked on investment projects in 8 countries.

Highlights in her work experience include being the active VP of Business Development for Breeder’s Best a breeder-forward cannabis genetics licensing company.  Prior to that, she was a member of the management team and the Director for Americas Business Development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute in Prague, was the Director for International Marketing at the Texas Department of Agriculture, and was an editor/analyst at Independent Commodity Intelligence Services , the world’s largest petrochemical information provider, writing price discovery and trends analysis reports for the fertilizer and petrochemical industries.

A lay expert in medical cannabis, she is the author of the book Chronic Relief: A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally & Chronically Ill and the curator of the informational website Whiteley lives in Texas where she is an advocate for cannabis law reform and sits on the board of the Foundation for an Informed Texas, a cannabis advocacy organization. Whiteley has been a contributing writer at ProjectCBD and is a speaker/educator dedicated to helping patients and caregivers bridge the gap between cannabis science and safe practical application.  Whiteley became a cannabis advocate, author and speaker after her mother experienced great relief from cannabis at the end of her battle with lung cancer.

She has a Master of Agriculture from Texas A&M University, a Bachelor of Science from Tarleton State University and is a graduate of the professional development program Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership hosted by the Texas A&M University System’s AgriLife Extension.