Amplified Voice America Dispelling the Myths of Cannabinoid Use for Health and Wellness with Canna World Expo and Marvin Washington

AMPlified: Dispelling the Myths of Cannabinoid Use for Health & Wellness

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Your host of Amplified, Ken Rochon, The Umbrella Syndicate, & Founder of the Keep Smiling Movement, with Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO & Internal Publicist, The RED Carpet Connection & Executive Director, the Keep Smiling Movement interview Denise Mahaffey & Jessica Chandler of Trinity Global Enterprises, and they are hosts of Canna World Expo, the Online Conference April 4th & 11th, 2020. Special Guest Marvin Washington, Former SuperBowl Champion, will share his experience with concussions and TBI healing with CBD oils. Listen LIVE at 11am eastern at Sponsors include The RED Carpet Connection, Big Events USA, The Keep Smiling Movement, HitCheck, CannaWorldExpo, The Umbrella Syndicate & VoiceAmerica #KeepSmiling #KeepSmilingMovement #AmplifyGoodness