Sean Donahoe is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vetinari Capital, a private investment and asset management company. He’s also a popular speaker, author. For over 20 years his passion has been helping people to make huge leaps forward in their business and lives.

His primary focus has been showing people how they can take their businesses and lives to another level, regardless of how successful they already are right now.

Sean is also the co-founder of UnHustled™. UnHustled is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs optimize and “UnHustle” their business and their lives. This company’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and professionals gain more time freedom, success, and happiness by getting more from doing less in a smarter way.

Sean began his business career at the age of 16 in the Information Technology industry and gradually moved to business consulting, investing and working as highly sought-after consultant for Fortune 500 companies, multi-national banks, and startups.

He is known to have a very practical understanding of business, economics, marketing. One of his specialties is creating optimized systems, processes and streamlining businesses to be more efficient at what they do.

Sean has a real passion for business, business growth, and creating strategic deals and is always looking for companies to buy, re-position and sell. He loves to share his strategies, insights, and knowledge to help businesses and entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential.