David Joseph
Co-Founder, CEO Jade Health

David Joseph is the CEO of Jade Health and is currently building a plant-based health ecosystem to advance the research and development of cannabinoid and psychedelic-based medicine and complementary therapy modalities. Prior to working in cannabis, David worked on healthcare platforms in personalized Nutrition and Genomics.

David is dedicated to advancing the collective knowledge of the therapeutic utility of cannabis and other plant-based medicines. As the CEO of Jade Health, David facilitates the research, development, and commercialization of plant-based medicine. His presentation will offer a digital strategy on how companies can effectively reach new patients and providers to create stronger brands and consumer relationships.

As a co-Founder of Jade Health, David works at the intersection of design, consciousness and technology. He brings an international background to his work having lived and worked in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the U.S. His previous experience is in company formation ranging from Coffee Production to Gold Mining operations. He is passionate about plant-based health and wellness solutions for chronic disease. David is part of a family that has established Integrative Health Care clinics and organic urban and spa communities in multiple countries and states over the last 50 years.

David enjoys advising new companies and initiatives to implement unique approaches to transform the way they connect with consumers. His presentation will focus on digital strategies to leverage existing knowledge and research. One of his missions is to distribute the global domain expertise and bring the world up to speed and into the future of plant-based medicine.