North American Entrepreneur of the Year
Global Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Raised in a family of property developers, Jessica Chandler’s career in real estate began in her 20s. Her passion is buying and holding real estate as well as empowering women to pursue work-life balance by owning income producing property. She rose through the real estate industry honing her craft and became an accredited real estate investor. Jessica Chandler’s passion for real estate combines public speaking and an empowering educational program, Legacy Wealth Nation, that launches publicly January 2020.

As an event producer and public speaker, Jessica Chandler has both engaged and educated large audiences including YPO and EO. Topics that she passionately shares from the stage include business, life, relationships, and real estate. One of her career highlights is interviewing a peer in real estate and iconic musician, Gene Simmons, from the legendary rock band KISS.

As a little girl, Jessica Chandler would read encyclopedias just for the science. For more than 22 years, she held the position of President of SLR Research, an auto-immune research and diagnostics sales company in Carlsbad, California. There, as an auto-immune research industry expert, she established industry standards that furthered the auto-immune industry. Her clients included Quest Diagnostics, Abbott, Siemens, Toshiba and the National Institutes of Health. She remains on staff as a Consultant.

Jessica Chandler’s entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever. Presently she oversees eight companies that include real estate investing, agriculture, natural wellness, research, leading edge communications technology, public speaking, and media. Her research company just exposed a global health crisis by identifying pathogenic mold in coconut substrate, a popular agriculture medium used by growers worldwide. As due diligence, Jessica Chandler’s company launched a global public service announcement (PSA) and the full report can be found online at Laboratory analysis from the research is being conveyed to the masses through international and national media including Natural News Radio. The research and laboratory analysis are being distributed to Universities, non-profits, agriculture growers, and the news media in the month of November.

Autism is a reality for Jessica Chandler; both of her sons were diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Empowering her sons to dream big and live independently has been her focus. At one point, she did not know if her oldest son would ever utter the words, “I love you, Mom.” Today, he not only calls her often to say, “I love you,” he now attends college thriving in his independence. Her youngest son is completing high school and is on a mission to graduate with honors then attend college. Both of her sons have traveled to more than eighty countries experiencing world cultures.

Throughout her career, Jessica Chandler maintained an open heart for empowering individuals to achieve their passion in life. Her positive, caring energy can fill a conference hall. She is selfless with her time and openly shares life’s experiences with others to guide them on their road of life.

Jessica Chandler’s experience in real estate has led her to revitalize cities and empowering residents to bring back life, commerce and culture. She is currently working on revitalization projects that involve real estate and leading-edge communication technology to serve the underserved in regions from Los Angeles, California to Jackson, Mississippi.

Supporting many non-profit organizations including Veterans, Jessica Chandler patented a couture infant accessory and launched Haute Momma with profits directed to aid children’s charities. Her industry recognition includes 2017-North American Entrepreneur of the Year, 2018-Global Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and finalist for 2019-Inspirational Female Entrepreneur. Jessica Chandler is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration in business and in life.