Co-located in Jamaica and the U.S. is world renowned Naturopathic Physician Ted Emanuel (“Dr. Ted”), whose passion is in promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness through a macrobiotic dietary program and corrective exercises tailored to the individual’s needs. Dr. Ted has developed his own internal/external philosophy during a long and illustrious career in the U.S. and Caribbean. He is skilled in the art of African/Oriental diagnostic evaluation in which he uses sight, sound, touch and smell to evaluate the body’s organs, glands, systems and phases. 

Dr. Ted has traveled and lectured extensively, and his programs are filled with naturopathic wisdom and enlightenment. He is often a health and wellness contributor in the news media and, with the Telos Digital Television Network, extended his reach in North and Latin America.  Dr. Ted’s television show series includes “Let’s Talk Health”, “Cooking for Better Health”, and “Correcting Cancer Naturally”.

For decades, Dr. Ted has been on the forefront of natural wellness and cannabis use for self-healing. An advisor to Jamaican Health and Agriculture Ministers, Dr. Ted is passionate environmental restoration from soil to ocean to empower contaminant-free self-healing. His direct efforts have returned the bees and coral and increased organic crop yield. Dr. Ted’s efforts with community restoration and establishing schools is ongoing.

A steadfast educator to people of all ages and origins, Dr. Ted shares with CANNA WORLD EXPO attendees his unique wellness products, knowledge, techniques, and vision for balance and self-healing. Topics in his interactive question and answer presentation include:

  • Understanding and Correcting Disorders Of The Digestive System Using Water Soluble CBD
  • Diet for Beautiful Skin – a Macrobiotic Approach
  • Anemia – A Killer that Knows no Boundaries
  • Natural Remedies: Aduki Beans, Ted Emanuel’s “Exotic” Organic Gomashio, Hemp See