Dr. Golda Joseph has 50 years of entrepreneurial and facilitation experience as an Integrative Health Care Provider, Organizational Development Consultant and Transformational Teacher. She currently has an international private practice as a holistic health practitioner and innovative “Mid-Wife for Your Soul”. She has offered educational and consulting services to top executives, entrepreneurs, professional providers, insurance companies and governments since 1972.

Dr. Golda has been doing Integrative cannabis, nutraceutical and psychedelic facilitation the last few years. She envisioned a comprehensive multi-sided cannabis, nutrition, and psychedelic health care platform that guides users, healthcare providers, and the industry to gain deep personalized insights on how to best use these plant based medicines. Her research and development team have created a scientific system to end the confusion surrounding how cannabis and other plant based medicines should be personalized and formulated for best outcomes.

Her mission is to “end the confusion” in these nascent fields of natural therapeutics by developing bio-informatic solutions to numerous problems within the entire supply chain. She and her team of experts intend to take personalization to a new level. Her platform will identify and test standardized, certified (COA) products, professional grade NutraCeuticals and licensed plant medicines uniquely tailored to each person’s specific needs from the real world and clinical research collected.

Given the recent advancements in genomic sequencing we are able to bring Canna Genomic, Nutra Genomic and Psyche Genomic advancements out of the ‘lab’ into the hands of the masses. Her platform is based on genomic documentation related to cannabis and the plant based medicines combined with a growing body of evidence. Certain key genes and their variants in response to metabolism, side-effects, dependency, as well as other key factors are presented. Dr. Golda and her bio informatics medical team have identified many of these genes and variants that relate to the conscious use of these substances.

Her platform will help guide users, healthcare providers (with a clinical support tools), and the cannabis/nutraceutical/psychedelic industries (producers, formulators and distributors). The research platform will remove much of the confusion surrounding how these therapeutic substances should be personalized, formulated and integrated into the health, wellness and medical preferences of each consumer.